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Thread: Why we need to draft Tony Hunt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    You have think though that Faneca might not resign with the Steelers. I rather trade him and get something in return for him then letting walk next year without getting something in return.
    I hear what your saying but we are thin at guard as is. If we keep him in his last contract year, you gotta think he is essentially interviewing for his next contract, and if he wants to earn bigtime money, hes gonna have to show he still has the play to back it up (note: Joey Porter did not do this last year, if so he might have landed an even bigger contract)We might see him play his best year yet!!! But for the right trade - top8 1st rnd and maybe a second... ok deal him!!!

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    i think if we trade up in the first with faneca, trading up in the second is also neccesary to land a top olineman.....

    if we traded faneca, mabey haggans, we free up a ton of cap from haggans since they would have to pick up the remainder of his contract.

    it would be the perfect scenario

    1st....Gaines adams
    2nd....Blalock (mabey grubbs or staley)
    3rd....RB/WR......Hunt/Henry/Bush might be there, or Gonzalas/Steve Smith

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