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Thread: Marshall Faulk to retire

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    Marshall Faulk to retire

    (March 22, 2007) -- Marshall Faulk is expected to announce his retirement from the NFL at a press conference March 26 at the NFL's annual meeting in Phoenix.

    Marshall Faulk starred for several years in St. Louis, winning a Super Bowl championship. Faulk issued the following statement, "It has been an honor and pleasure to play in the National Football League. I'd like to thank all my teammates and coaches with whom I've been associated over the past 13 seasons as well as the fans who supported me throughout the years. I gave the game my passion, and it gave me a wonderful career and memories that I will always be thankful for."

    In NFL history, Faulk is No. 9 all-time in career rushing yards (12,279) and tied for sixth in rushing touchdowns (100). In 2000, he was named the league's MVP after setting an NFL single-season record with 26 touchdowns.

    After a stellar career with San Diego State, he played his first five seasons in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts. After a blockbuster trade to St. Louis in 1999, he helped lead his new team to a Super Bowl title in his first season with the Rams. He also was a three-time Associated Press Offensive Player of the Year.

    Marshall had a great career and his wait for the HOF is just a formality IMO. This announcement doesn't really come as a big surprise.

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    great career yes but he should have retired a couple years ago

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    He's been on NFLN for quite awhile now so this is no surprise either. He's HOF bound for sure.

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    I always enjoyed Marshall Faulk, he was a beast on fantasy football when he was damn good. Congratulations Marshall on your retirement. Hall of Fame is definitely on the clock.

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    If faulk gets elected on his first attempt. He will be going in the same year as Jerome.

    I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref! Get on your knees ref your blowing the game!

    Big thank you to pa state Daryl Metcalfe. For doing the right thing.

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    Great player....should've announced it 2 years ago but he was still rehabbing and didn't know how his knees were. Definitely a Hall of Famer. Good luck Marshall!!!

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    --Jack Lambert

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    Marshall, Marshall, Marshall Faulk!!! Great player, great person. I am not suprised at all by this. It could have actually come at at better time.

    "When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die."

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelersfaninPhilly View Post
    If faulk gets elected on his first attempt. He will be going in the same year as Jerome.
    That would be great two classy guys & two of the best RB's going in together
    Pretty much a lock

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    faulk is/was a class act. you guys ever seem to notice that nice guys finish first? people like jerome, avery johnson (nba champ with the spurs) etc... it seems like what goes around really does come around and if you are a good person and work hard you will be awarded! faulk HOF for sure!

    or we can sign him for a year just so he can teach willie to hit the holes and how to run a lil better inside...

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    marshall Faulk isnt retired? doesnt he do NFL shows already? I am kidding but this was coming for awhile. Guy had a good career never was in trouble with the law, and always had a smile on his face.

    Good career Marshall you will be missed.

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