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Thread: Bengal Bashers

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    Quote Originally Posted by BR7 View Post
    Meh, I didn't want him to go down like that either, but the **** they talked about it afterwards.. blaming that sole hit on the loss of the game/composure, blah.. I can go on and on, lol..

    The off season talk, blah blah blah..

    So now, f***em. I have his dumb *** on the back of my Madden 07 Cover that I made. I posted it here a while ago.. I'll have to dig for it if you haven't seen it.
    Believe me I get what you're saying about the talk. I hear it all the time....still. For me personally it wasn't so bad in the stadium or even right after that game. I think most people that were there didn't take it as some intentional thing. It just blown all up after. I'll tell you when I actually got was at this past New Years game when he went down. I was praying he'd get back up because I was not sure I'd have made it out of there in one piece if he hadn't. I have to say...first time in all these years that I've ever been concerned about myself at one of those games. I usually even tailgate right in the midst of Bengal territory...always in my Steeler's always been good natured....until this past year.

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    Wow! That is freaking awesome. Your best work yet.

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    Just finished my somewhat matching avy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLITZBURGH NATION View Post
    Killer Have to say that's the best sig i've seen so far

    No doubt, I'd have to say that is simply outstanding, I love it !! Awesome work dude.

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    Holy ****! I'm jealous of you with that sig now because it's so damn hot. Keep up the good work man, I love it.


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    u should have put a gavel somewhere in the background...

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