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Thread: Amphitheater

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelerlyn View Post
    Friday let's you and I agree to disagree. Simply put, parking garages do not allow tailgating, as we know it. All I am saying is that it will be a great change for many of us who do tailgate. Also, economically, what does Pittsburgh have to depend upon if it is not tourism, and making money off of out of towners (hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, etc) and Steeler fans who traffic all kinds of stores in Pittsburgh?

    You also say the sportspickle is not real news, it is satire. Okay, I will agree to a point, that point being a quote is a quote and the mayor, at that time said,
    “The outstanding play of the Steelers over the past few years has not only reinvigorated the team’s already devoted fanbase, but it has also given the city an industry that has provided new jobs for more than 100,000 residents – the design, production and sale of Terrible Towels and other team apparel,” said Pittsburgh mayor Bob O’Connor. “In fact, nearly every citizen of the great city of Pittsburgh is today in some way employed by our exploding Terrible Towel industry.”

    and this,
    “With all the money we’re making I think the Penguins will even get a new arena out of all this,” said O’Connor. “As long as they promise to show Steelers highlights on the arena Jumbotron during their home games.”

    and although maybe out of context, and not a quote but true!

    For example, law firms throughout the city are flush with cases involving the sale of unlicensed Terrible Towels and personal injury lawsuits from those who have suffered injuries while waving the yellow towels. Pittsburgh’s trucking companies are busy delivering orders of towels to stores throughout the region; restaurants have gotten in on the boom by using Terrible Towel tablecloths or napkins, while some chefs have even taken to creating dishes using bits of the Towel as an ingredient or garnishing their creations with Terrible Towels. The list of affected industries is endless.
    You can't seriously believe any of what I highlighted to be true. If you do, well then oh well.

    As for the rest of this argument, I agree to disagree. In the end we're all Steelers fans and want the team to win on the field.

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    I go to about 3-4 Pirate games a season, and I tailgate for every one of them. It's not to the scale of Steeler tailgates, but none the less, still tailgating.

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