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Thread: Anthony Spencer: draft profile

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    Anthony Spencer: draft profile

    Anthony Spencer, DE-LB, Purdue
    Posted at February 24, 2007 9:55 AM in Draft .

    Year: Senior
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 262
    40 Time: 4.65

    BSMW GAME DAY BOARD (as of 2/23/07)

    Round: 1st
    Rank: 29
    Median Draft Position: 28.5 (6 drafts)
    Lo: 24
    Hi: 34
    Most Frequest Mock Selection: 24 (2)
    Others: 28 (1)



    Draft Range: 1st/2nd

    Player Grade: G = Small Player. Does not have the required size for the position. Usually outstanding college players, who likely will not maintain the same level of efficiency and effectiveness as a professional. (Bob Sanders, Dexter Coakley, Eddie Drummond). 1) Special situation player 3) Special Teams player 2) Contributing back up 4) Third down or sub-package nickel back.

    OUR SUMMARY (as of 2/23/07)

    Spencer is a guy that half our mocks have chosen for the Pats. Robs Scouting and NFL Draft Scout have both tabbed him for the 24th pick, and thinks Spencer will be chosen with the Patriots second first-round selection (28th). The word on the Purdue pass rusher is that he may have the tools to transition to an outside linebacker spot, which may make him a logical fit for New England and probably explains the player grade above. There appears to be some debate as to whether Spencer is big enough to play end, or athletic enough to play linebacker. But everyone seems to agree he is a force in the passing game, and may be positioned as a McGinest-style edge rushing linebacker. To the best of our knowledge, Spencer has not yet interviewed with Patriots scouts.
    Most mocks have Spencer going to the Pats. Surely that would just kill the fans on this site.
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    Good article bro.....BRING ON THE ****ING DRAFT ALREADY!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIESELMAN View Post
    Good article bro.....BRING ON THE ****ING DRAFT ALREADY!!!!!

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    "To the best of our knowledge, Spencer has not yet interviewed with Patriots scouts."

    But he HAS talked to the Steelers, ****tards. Hmm, wonder what that could mean?
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    i think we should make willie parker eat lots and lots of cake so we have a power running game

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