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Thread: Another Day, another Mock(s)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackGold4vr View Post
    If they had planned to replace him in the line-up they would certainly have cut him! Teams don't generally pay back-ups 4 mil a year. That tells me that Haggans has got a pretty solid hold on that other OLB spot. He might be gone next year but I think whoever we draft will only get spot duties this year. Thats just my opinion.
    sometimes cutting a player isn't that easy, cutting him could've still had a decent hit against the cap so they might as well keep him, and they very well may still cut him in june when the second round of cuts usually happen........... they might just be keeping him around for insurance just in case they can't nab one of these studs....... so i think if we get one he'll be cut in june

    and don't be so sure about harrison, as top gun says everytime he is talked about, he breaks easily, he's a china doll, hell he breaks himself when not even getting touched

    our first round pick must be one of these studs at OLB because we are not set what so ever there, and haggans is a bum and will be out played by a rookie
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    Don't you think they would have saved 4 mil if they could?

    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    if he is completely would be dumb not to bench him, no matter how much he is is "what have you done for me lately" remember
    I think he is more firmly entrenched at that position than you think he is. Tomlin has been watching tons of game films and based on that and Haggans escalated salary, I believe he musta liked what he saw or he would have axed him already. Yes, I believe whoever we draft will play sparingly this year and will be the man in 2008.

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