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Why do you even watch football? Nobody is picking the Steelers to even win their division! Why put yourself through the torment of watching our team suffer a losing season and finish 3rd in our division? Because we know that our team is much BETTER than the LOSER experts say we are. We know that our team has a great shot at winning the AFC North and going DEEP into the playoffs! ***k the experts! They had the Colts crowned as SB champs last year at the beginning of the season! Believe what you see on the football field, not in some mocks made by geeks who never even played organized sports!
ummmm weren't the "experts" you speak of correct in having us 3rd in the division and the Colts winning the SB? I could be wrong and living in an alternate universe, so just let me know.

Not saying I want Moss over Spencer, to be honest I don't know who I would take at this point, but anytime you guys wanna let up on Blitz, you can go ahead and do that. Dude is going to develop a complex.