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Are you really a Steeler fan or a closet Bengal fan? Which players do you actually like? I haven't seen you say a positive thing about any part of our team. I can't read any of your posts and see that you are a fan who is pulling for the success of our team! I believe you are a Bungal doubleagent! Probably have a closet full of Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson jerseys!

This is just the type of player we usually sign when it comes to lineman. Guys that can play more than 1 position, maybe aren't the top tier guys on their previous teams, but guys that have skills, good attitudes, willing to learn and be team players. This helped our OL alot and frees us up to make some different choices on draft day. We still need to take an OL in the draft just to keep some fresh blood coming into the group and then let them all fight it out in camp.