With the Seahawks giving Deon Grant a multi year 30 million dollar deal, the bar for Troy's new contract with us definitely went up. Polamalu is a better safety than Grant IMO and if the 'hawks were willing to pay up for him that much, then Troy's contract is going to have to be atleast comparable to that.

Now whether he'll actually ask for that munch money remains to be scene. Hines could have gotten a 40+ million dollar deal easily (and most likely a lot more) if he'd have left us but he chose to take a fair offer to stay with us which I know we all are sure glad he did. Troy will have to make the same decision soon, is he willing to take less then what somebody else will offer, just to stay with us?

Logic would tell you based on what we know about Troy that he would indeed take a fair deal like Hines did to stick around with the Black n Gold, however nobody ever saw coming or even thought Hines holding out, but he did. Sure he eventually gave in and inked his deal with us, but still, for as much as we think Troy will stay here for "x" amount of dollars, you just never know.

Personally I think whatever he asks for, we give it to him, but then again I said the same thing for Hines when it was time for him to get a new deal. Yes I think Troy is THAT important to our team.