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Thread: Even the little fish getting away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post
    230 lbs and running a 4.3 sounds like a winner to me. Let him, Najeh, and Kuhn fight it out for the spot behind Willie and see who wants it more.
    The 230 lbs is not impressive until you look at his height.....5'11. Look at some of the other top backs in this draft compared to Chris Henry. I think they added a half second to all the times from Indy because it is a fast surface. Still, Henry was one of the fastest guys at the combine!

    RB 4 Tony Hunt SR 6-1.5/233/4.55 Penn State Alexandria, VA
    RB 8 Michael Bush SR 6-1.5/243/4.65 Louisville Louisville, KY
    RB 9 Chris Henry JR 5-11.5/230/4.41 Arizona Stockton, CA
    RB 10 Brian Leonard SR 6-1.5/226/4.54 Rutgers Gouverneur, NY
    RB 1 Adrian Peterson JR 6-1.5/217/4.44 Oklahoma Palestine, TX
    RB 2 Marshawn Lynch JR 5-11/215/4.51 California Oakland, CA

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackGold4vr View Post
    The dude was not on the radar at all! Nobody even knew who he was and didn't care until he broke off........not 1.......but 2........40's in the 4.3 range. When you look at his physique 5'11 and 230 lbs. this guy is like a bowling ball with wheels! The fact that he didn't play a lot in college is not a negative in my opinion.........thats a positive! Just like Willie, his legs are fresh because he didn't get used up in college! I really hope the Steelers will consider this guy. I believe adding him to our backfield would give us a Jaguar type backfield (Taylor, Jones-Drew). With Davenport already signed the RB pick is not a need but a want. We just need depth and I want Chris Henry!
    He was on my radar since I knew of his size. Any RB that is 230 or more I pay attention to and read about since the Steelers needed another RB. I'm more then happy with Willie Parker but having another RB (especially a bigger RB) is a need in my mind. Hey Willie can't do it all by himself. Plus I'm not the biggest Dookie fan in the world.

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    these little fish who are coming in desperately want to go to a situation where they are guranteed or have a great shot at a starting position. simmons is a sb champion veteran. does anyone really believe this guy is gonna beat him out of a spot in camp?

    steelerfans have been waiting to get harrison on the field for 3 years. now that porter is gone, its like its panic time and harrison is forgotten. everybody seems to forget that porter, haggans, gildon, foote, and even vrabel had to serve their time on the bench before they got a crack at the starting lineup. this guy from n.o. seems like he could be a good prospect at the right price (and could potentially save us a draft pick who is liable to get cut) but does anyone really think he is gonna just push harrison out of the way for a starting spot? even t. banta cain recognized there wasnt a starting spot waiting for him in the burgh. we are already set.
    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    I thought with the retirement of Jeff Hartings and cutting Joey Porter gave us some cap room?
    this kinda had me stumped too. add to them the relief we get from cutting duce and haynes.

    but for bonuses earned last year our cap drops from 109 mil to 106. we were already 2 mil over, and we need atleast 3 mil to sign our rookies.

    = 8 mil we needed just to get under and pay for this years crop of rookies. (which explains why joey porter was indeed a cap casualty cause if it wasnt him it woulda been someone else). any signings we do will be pretty much off of the little we saved by restructuring aaron smiths deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBC View Post

    One 8-8 season in Pittsburgh and the sky is falling. Name a loss at the position of linebacker that has ever had an effect on the Steelers in recent history. Look at the history. Players are notorious for looking a lot better in Pittsburgh than they looked anywhere else, and more often than not, they are non-factors in their new homes (especially at the LB position).

    So we lost Porter and we didn't sign two players that would be all but useless to us next season. So what?
    are you serious, the sky isnt falling? lol, i agree. they would have been useless, and it would not have mattered who was coach, Porter was a goner.
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