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Thread: Cardinals asst. coach arrested

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post
    The bengals don't mess around with prostitutes off the street like this dude, they go for more high class chicks from 1800RentaSlut

    That way they know it's not a cop
    Thats only the smart one Like Chad Johnson, Now Chris Herny is a whole nother story

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    I wonder if he was with that Detroit Lions coach, the one who doesn't like to wear clothes when he goes through the drive-through?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BB2W View Post
    Carrdinals coach Richie Anderson has been arrested for soliciting prostitution.

    He was arrested Thursday night at the Pointe South Mountain. Police say he picked up an undercover cop posing as a prostitute.

    The wide receivers coach played 13 seasons in the NFL as a fullback with the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys.

    Good way to start the Whiz era.

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    I don't know if this was posted already
    wide receivers coach Richie Anderson has been relieved of his duties after being charged with soliciting a prostitute.
    Time to get another Coach the Whiz
    "It is hard to wait around for something that you know may never happen;but it's even harder to let go when it's everything you want"

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