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Thread: Steelers FO reacts to Wexells draft reporting

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    Steelers FO reacts to Wexells draft reporting

    * The big shots in the front office read our opening draft report on Anthony Spencer and told a source "he knows what he is talking about." By the same token, the admission by Jarvis Moss that he was suspended for smoking pot "isn't helping him at all down here." One of our spies at the Florida pro day confirmed the buzz is that Moss's stock is plunging.
    The San Francisco chronicle is reporting that the 49ers are seriously considering matching our offer for punter Andy Lee.
    Imagine that, Moss's stock is plunging! No surprise here. Hard to invest millions of dollars on a high risk player. Sounds to me like if Carriker is available that would be our 15th spot pick according to the buzz. And if he is not available the Steelers 2nd choice would be Anthony Spencer. I believe Wexell had Spencers odds the highest because nobody expects Carriker to fall to the 15th spot! As for Andy Lee.....perhaps Sepulveda is back in play K-Train!

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    your damn right sepulvedas back in cant **** with destiny

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    Just think if the Steelers actually drafted him, I think Ktrain would a heart attack he'd be so excited.

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    you know you would all be excited to have a franchise punter like might not say it out loud but you would be cheering on the

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