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Thread: Pitt Baskeball

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    Well Bradley had a big man (Patrick Bryant) who was just better than Aaron Grey, especially because Grey was out of shape and didnt move up and down the court quickly enough in transition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ_Steeler
    A formidable oppent.. you play UofA twice a year I don't think you could ask for a more formidable oppenent UA had a down year last year, things will be better this year!

    I really followed Pitt when Howland was the coach. I had an opportunity to meat with him when he was coaching at Northern Arizona University because I had thought about trying out for the team, but intramurals were more fun and didn't require all of the practicing

    Come time for March Madness I always have Pitt going deep into the tournament and I think they'll be deep into the tournament again this year!
    No disrespect for Arizona or any other PAC-10 team intended. I was refering to formidable non-conference opponents. UW boosters are excited to see that they are seeking out some non-conference games that give us the chance to see how we stack up against some big boys outside of our conference as well. We hadn't done very much of that before as the only way we used to be able to come close to a .500 season was to line up a bunch of non-conference patsies. So seeing that we have signed up to play a team like Pitt with that opening is encouraging because it shows that our program believes in itself enough to play a tough team like Pitt wven though it doesn't have to.

    I would never diss the Wilcats in B-ball. The PAC-10 is a much rougher league than most people outside of the West coast believe IMO. There is an incredible amount of equality amongst the schools which leads to all the teams cannabalizing each others records in conference play. It makes it a fun conference to follow because there is no perenial champion anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzburgh55 View Post
    I am really exicted about this upcoming season we have every one retuening excecpt Krasuer but I think Flieds is way better Krasuer was that good.
    Well, I think Fields is more consistent than Krauser, but Krauser was more talented. I mean, he'd make alot of mistakes during the game, but at the end, when Pitt needs alot of points, he'd just go insane and start hitting shots from anywhere. I don't remember who it was, but some opposing coach said of Krauser, "We knew he was going to shoot, but we just couldn't stop him. We'd try to cover him, but he'd just start making shots from further and further back."
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    i think we should make willie parker eat lots and lots of cake so we have a power running game

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