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Thread: Jarvis Moss will get a long look!

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    Dude I used to smoke weed with the best of them. So I won't knock somebody for smoking it. But the fact remains the Rooney's did look at this type of stuff. I'm sure they will do their homework along with Tomlin/Colbert before the draft and if they feel comfortable drafting Moss then we should have confidence in their decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackGold4vr View Post
    His issues were not drugs that I am aware of. He had some domestic battery charges against a girlfriend who was also the mother of one of his children. Those charges were later dropped and to me it looked like a case of a former girlfriend who was not satisfied with the piece of the pie she received from his new pro-contract. The domestic violence charges were never substantiated (proven to be true). That is a completely different ball of wax! Players who dabble in illegal drug use in professional sports usually have shortened careers! There is a list a mile long of examples of players who couldn't give up their drug habits! Bam Morris is an example of a Steeler who threw it all away for drugs! Those who have used drugs know that it is not that easy to walk away from! All that I am saying is that there is a greater risk of getting burned by drafting somebody like Moss who has a checkered past! Those who believe character is overated......I disagree with you! Character is what defines who you are and how you hold up under pressure! Pressure polishes those with character into precious gems while those without character crumble and blow away! Why do you think all the military services have a bootcamp that you must survive in order to join their ranks? The stress and pressure that is applied to the new recruits is designed to weed out people who "break down" under pressure. I can tell you unequivocally that of all the people that I recruited and sent to Parris Island that the former drug users had a much higher wash-out rate than those who didn't! That is not imaginary....that is fact!
    yeah, holmes "problems" were dropped, the first one was just a bs arrest for being black and famous, gilbert arenas and one of his no name teammates got arrested in the same city the same weekend on the same charge....cops just hating on the rich and famous

    and the second was him having a gold digging whore of an ex girlfriend lol...... it's funny how he never had problems but a couple of months after he is rich his bitch starts acting a fool...........

    i like to believe in ppl when the **** up once and say they have learned, up until they **** up again, so far moss hasn't ****ed up again and i think he has really learned his lesson......... i think he'd be a good draft pick........and will support him until he ****s up again which lord willing will never be again lol, that of course unless he goes to the bengals or ravens then i'd hope he ****s up again and again and again lol
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