Ah, Verron Haynes. That guy who gets so little attention the announcers don't even know his name. Is it Verron Haynes? How about Verron Hayes? Or maybe it's Vernon Haynes. Or Vernon Hayes. I think I even heard him called Vernon Harrison once. Ah, Verron, you were a good man. Never in the spotlight, always dutifully blocking on 3rd down, occasionally catching a pass or (gasp!) getting a carry. Your versatility was your greatest strength, so I guess it's appropriate that you have so many different names. I was saddened by your release from the Steelers, and hope you will have success wherever you go, including hopefully back here in Pittsburgh. So, Verron, Vernon, Haynes, Hayes, whatever your name is, I salute you!

(There Capt, you happy now? Let's give the man some love.)