By Jim Wexell
Posted Mar 4, 2007

Serious students of Steelers football already know the team will stick with its 3-4 base defense, so our odds reflect that interest. Here are our first-round odds as we begin our 2007 draft series:

* At 25-1, Auburn guard Ben Grubbs.

* At 20-1, Cal running back Marshawn Lynch.

* At 15-1, LSU receiver, Dwayne Bowe.

* At 12-1, cornerbacks Leon Hall and Darrelle Revis.

* At 10-1, linebackers Lawrence Timmons and Patrick Willis.

Now, the 3-4 defenders:

* Aaron Smith clone Adam Carriker is 6-1.

* Florida pass-rusher Jarvis Moss is 5-1.

* And Purdue tweener Anthony Spencer is our early morning favorite at 4-1.

This is just an outline. We値l narrow the list as we go along. Tomorrow, we値l begin to explain these opening odds.

Surely this news will be greeted with some joy! Anthony Spencer at 4-1, not bad! I will follow this storyline closely and keep you all posted!