I've been having a wierd feeling and my Dad brought something up and it kindof makes a little sense. We all know how out spoken Porter is and he has said nothing bad about the Steelers and vise versa. Also, while the Steelers have a lot of class and usually don't want to screw a former player...it is just wierd that they let him go for nothing instead of trading him and getting maybe a third round pick or something. Also, the Steelers don't usually operate like this, but is it possible they told Joey to go test the market knowing that he wasn't worth what he was asking and asked him to give them a chance to match any offer that he may get. I know this is a little out there and very untypical of the Steelers but there has just been such an wierd silence. I don't know. It's always a possiblity I guess. I highly doubt this is the case...I don't really see it happening, but it gives you something to think about.