First Annual TSZ Mock Draft Contest!!

is here. This is the first year doing this and all sites will be able to represent. This is a team based Mock draft per each board that gets invited. Please bare with us if any changes occur since this is the first time.

This will be a multiple board event. Each board that this contest/topic is posted on/at will have the opportunity to compete in this. (after this has been posted here please pass it on to any board you think deserves a shot). This will be an NFL mock draft contest where your board will have the opportunity to compete with many other websites.

When: Will Start now and Mocks can be turned into "Mike" at TSZ or simply pm'ed to the person that posted this. Eventually everything will get back to "Mike" at TSZ. TSZ will not be participating in this competition. All Entries will be due by April 26,2007 at 11:59pm. Any mock drafts arriving after this time maybe eliminated from competition.

Representation: All Mock draft's when received will be kept from anyone to view until the deadline is up. At the time we receive the draft a link will be posted at TSZ to your site showing that your mock draft has been turned in. So you will give you the opportunity for some advertising as well. (This information will be removed after the tournament is over)

What We Need:

1. This will be your sites view on the 1st round ONLY!! All other rounds will be removed.
2. One Mock draft per site only
3. All we need is the players name and which team drafted them.
4. Trades are allowed in this mock draft.
5. PM to who posted this contest or sign up at TSZ and get your mock to "Mike"


1. 5 Points: Correct Pick, Team and Spot - Example: You selected Russell to the Raiders at Pick one and thats where he was drafted and drafted by that team. You will get 5 points
2. 4 Points: Correct Pick, Team or Spot - Example: You Select Russell to the Raiders at Pick one but he goes to Detroit at Pick one. You will get 4 points
3. 3 Points for player being drafted 1 spot away (Above or below)
4. 2 Points for player being drafted 2 spots away (above or below)
5. 1 Point for player being drafted 3 spots away (above or below)
6. -1 Point for a player not being drafted in the first round
7. -2 Points for a player not being drafted on the first day
8. -3 Points for a player not being drafted at all

1. The Winner of this tournament will get free advertising at TSZ until the next tournament.
2. One member of this sites choice will get V.I.P. membership to TSZ.
3. Also we will be including some other things I hope if things pan out correctly.