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I totally disagree! It is emotional! These guys are like family, we play like family and that's why we are a unique football team. We don't play like the other teams in their "There is I in the word Team" football. Each player complements each other and losing Porter is a huge loss to the Steelers. Emotionally and defensively. If you thought last year was bad, wait till this year now. Losing Jerome and now Joey, I was so excited about this new coach until this suprising news about Joey, now I feel disaapointment somewhat! Our boys are fearing for their positions and in some way it's good but I think its going to do more harm that good. I'll bet Joey has his best year this year and I'm sorry it's not going to be as a Steeler!!!!
The thing is are his best years are behind him, I will be shocked if he ever plays another full 16 game season again. He will miss at least a game this year with some kind of injury