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Thread: Small step towards a new arena

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    Small step towards a new arena

    Sports Authority Spends Millions For Arena Site

    (KDKA/AP) PITTSBURGH The Pittsburgh-Allegheny County Sports-and-Exhibition Authority has approved spending nearly $11 million to buy 8 of 10 properties it needs for the site of a new arena planned for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Authorities say they expect a sales agreement today with a ninth property but may need to use eminent domain to seize the tenth property, which belongs to the Laborers District Council of Western Pennsylvania. The group isn't opposed to selling it's property, but eminent domain may be used because the labor council may not get approvals to sell the property by the time the authority wants to close on the deal.

    Authority officials hope to close on the sales by mid-October and begin tearing them down next year.

    The Penguins remain for sale. So far, top bidder Sam Fingold, a Hartford real estate developer, has yet to close on his bid to buy the team. Fingold has said he may move the team to Kansas City, unless a new arena is guaranteed.

    (© 2006 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

    I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref! Get on your knees ref your blowing the game!

    Big thank you to pa state Daryl Metcalfe. For doing the right thing.

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    Well it seems like they are getting closer and closer. I just hope they don't build the arena and then somebody buys the team and takes the Pens somewhere else.

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