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Thread: Desert Pizza

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    Desert Pizza

    Ok there are many variations to this recipe. I will post some of my favs, and you all can experiment and let me knwo what variations you make and like...

    Fruit Pizza
    I roll of sugar cookie dough
    Strawberry Cream cheese (premade or make with blended cream cheese and fresh strawberries)

    Roll room temp cookie dough to fit rectangle bakind sheet.
    spread with Strawberry Cream Cheese
    top with Favoorite berries, I use strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries...YUMMMY..

    Tropical Pizza
    sugar cookie dough as above
    spread with pineapple or cherry cream cheese (blend ream cheese with crushed pineappple or marschino cherries)
    Top with chunked pineapple, coconut, mandarin oranges, kiwi and cherries

    Choco Peanut butter Pizza
    Roll of Peanut Butter cookie dough
    Spread with PB coolwhip ( 1/2 c PB blended with 1 container of coolwhip)
    Topped with chopped PB cups, choopped peanuts, mini choc chips, and then drizzle with chocolate and peanutbutter sauce. (found itn the ice cream sundea topping area)

    YUMMMY-- choc PB and berry are my fav!!!
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    omg wow chocolate and pb yummmmmmy

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    that does sound awesome..hopefully pyscho will make it for our next get together....

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