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Thread: Cold Pizza

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    Cold Pizza

    Double this recipe there will never be leftovers....

    Cold Veggie Pizza
    1 pkg of crescent roll dough
    1 block of Cream cheese
    1 pkg of hidden Valley ranch dry dip mix
    assorted chopped vegt
    Pkg of Mixed shredded cheese
    Parchment paper

    Line a baking sheet with parchment paper
    Roll out Crescent roll dough, cut edges to be straight and even. PIch seams in rolls to make one piece.
    Bake until golden brown
    MIX 1/2 pkg of ranch with cream cheese (blend well)
    Spread on warm dough.
    Cover with finely chopped veggies and then with Cheese...

    I usually use cukes, matchstick carrots, broccoli, red and orange peppers(fpr color) purple onion, and a colby jack cheese, fancy blend...

    Truly YUMMY

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    I've had this before. It is good! Yum....veggies!

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    this is one of my favorites

    Thanks for the sig Flea

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