I have heard Timmons name mentioned in a couple mocks as a possible Steeler pick. Liked what I saw of him in the combine. He is fast, agile, possesses great lateral movement and dropped back in coverage very smoothly. He is a great football player! Wouldn't be upset with this pick. I am still on the Spencer bandwagon.......B&G4vr32 but we need to explore other options because your boy is not a lock IMO

Loved everything that I saw about Tim Shaw. He is probably not a day 1 pick but he is about as unselfish and blue collar as you will find. This guy could be a special teams stud 4.43 40 and could contribute on defense as well if Farrior or Foote went down. Would love this guy as a day 2 pick!

Gaines Adams looked pretty good too! Probably won't fall to 15th but you never know!

I think there are a few guys on the defensive side of the ball that if they should slip through and fall into your lap you gotta take em!

1. Gaines Adams
2. Jamaal Anderson
3. Amobi Okoye

Stranger things have happened than guys like this falling into our lap! Adams could also fall into that tweener category and possibly Anderson too! Okoye wouldn't fit into our 3-4 defense very well but it sure would be nice to unleash him into the occasional cover-2 as a DT! I don't think you could pass on those three guys if they are available! Draft the best defensive player available and find ways to utilize his skills!