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Thread: Dwayne Wade

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    Dwayne Wade

    Just got injured serious during this game. Looked like his arm but they wheeled the guy out in a wheel chair he was in so much pain.

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    House of Steel
    Who was they playing? Wade is a big main scorer for the Heat. They are going to be screwed.

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    dislocated shoulder
    he is considerin season endin surgery

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    House of Steel
    He is a goner for the season, damn what a bummer.

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    Separated Shoulders put you out for months in the NFL sometimes the whole season so he could very well be done whether he wants too or not.

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    He still hasn't made a decision on whether or not he's gonna go ahead with the surgery, thus ending his season, or rehab it, so he can be ready for the playoffs. I should probably go ahead with the surgery, so he can be 100% for next season. Otherwise, he could jeopardize his career, if he comes back too soon.
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