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    Salaries & Franchise Tags

    In the NFL, the top-paid players by position set the rates for franchise and transition players. The earnings for each player represent salary and prorated signing bonus for 2006.

    If a team uses its franchise designation, the player receives a one-year offer at the average of the top five players at his position or a 20 percent pay increase, whichever is larger. His free agency is then restricted in that a team signing him must give up two No. 1 draft picks as compensation.

    Transition players are tendered at the average of the top 10. The club retains a right of first refusal but does not get the draft picks if it doesn't match an offer.


    Tom Brady, New England: $13,823,750

    Michael Vick, Atlanta: $13,072,857

    Carson Palmer, Cincinnati: $12,980,000

    Brett Favre, Green Bay: $12,633,335

    Peyton Manning, Indianapolis: $10,566,668

    Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia: $8,553,911

    Trent Green, Kansas City: $8,198,808

    Marc Bulger, St. Louis: $7,582,000

    David Carr, Houston: $7,250,000

    Jake Plummer, Denver: $7,157,200

    - Franchise: $12,615,000

    - Transition: $10,182,000

    Running backs

    Edgerrin James, Arizona: $9,500,000

    Tiki Barber, N.Y. Giants: $7,228,335

    LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego: $6,316,666

    LaMont Jordan, Oakland: $6,025,000

    Shaun Alexander, Seattle: $5,925,000

    Deuce McAllister, New Orleans: $5,755,000

    Warrick Dunn, Atlanta: $5,728,332

    Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia: $4,785,000

    Fred Taylor, Jacksonville: $4,750,000

    Rudi Johnson, Cincinnati: $3,800,000

    - Franchise: $6,999,000

    - Transition: $5,981,000


    Randy Moss, Oakland: $9,521,250

    Torry Holt, St. Louis: $7,304,714

    Andre Johnson, Houston: $7,186,664

    Rod Smith, Denver: $7,050,328

    Laveranues Coles, New York Jets: $7,000,000

    Chad Johnson, Cincinnati: $6,769,801

    Terrell Owens, Dallas: $6,666,666

    Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis: $6,400,000

    Amani Toomer, N.Y. Giants: $6,375,000

    Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona: $6,121,250

    - Franchise: $7,613,000

    - Transition: $7,040,000

    Tight ends

    Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City: $5,431,370

    Antonio Gates, San Diego: $4,860,000

    Jeremy Shockey, N.Y. Giants: $4,185,000

    Alge Crumpler, Atlanta: $4,033,333

    Kyle Brady, Jacksonville: $3,346,250

    Kellen Winslow II, Cleveland: $3,345,209

    Jim Kleinsasser, Minnesota: $3,250,000

    Todd Heap, Baltimore: $2,785,000

    Bubba Franks, Green Bay: $2,585,000

    Eric Johnson, San Francisco: $2,300,000

    - Franchise: $4,371,000

    - Transition: $3,612,000

    Offensive linemen

    Jonathan Ogden, Baltimore: $10,561,461

    Olin Kreutz, Chicago: $10,166,666

    Leonard Davis, Arizona: $9,929,418

    Steve Hutchinson, Minnesota: $8,585,000

    Bryant McKinnie, Minnesota: $8,535,887

    Shawn Andrews, Philadelphia: $7,779,791

    Flozell Adams, Dallas: $7,000,000

    Orlando Pace, St. Louis: $6,975,000

    Marvel Smith, Pittsburgh: $6,595,500

    Barry Sims, Oakland: $6,543,069

    - Franchise: $9,556,000

    - Transition: $8,267,000

    Defensive ends

    Jason Taylor, Miami: $9,464,625

    Simeon Rice, Tampa Bay: $9,200,000

    Richard Seymour, New England: $8,979,000

    Bryant Young, San Francisco: $7,878,551

    Darren Howard, Philadelphia: $7,700,000

    Julius Peppers, Carolina: $7,617,500

    Michael Strahan, N.Y. Giants: $7,228,284

    Shaun Ellis, New York Jets: $6,433,333

    Leonard Little, St. Louis: $6,325,000

    Dwight Freeney, Indianapolis: $6,180,715

    - Franchise: $8,644,000

    - Transition: $7,701,000

    Defensive tackles

    Dewayne Robertson, New York Jets: $9,417,760

    John Henderson, Jacksonville: $6,836,500

    Jamal Williams, San Diego: $6,650,000

    Warren Sapp, Oakland: $5,997,000

    Ryan Pickett, Green Bay: $4,975,000

    Casey Hampton, Pittsburgh: $4,793,750

    Rod Coleman, Atlanta: $4,447,500

    Marcus Stroud, Jacksonville: $4,385,000

    Darnell Dockett, Arizona: $4,115,000

    Seth Payne, Houston: $3,925,000

    - Franchise: $6,775,000

    - Transition: $5,554,000


    Ray Lewis, Baltimore: $8,428,571

    Zach Thomas, Miami: $7,287,000

    Keith Bulluck, Tennessee: $7,108,668

    Derrick Brooks, Tampa Bay: $6,907,083

    Takeo Spikes, Buffalo: $6,300,000

    Dan Morgan, Carolina: $6,285,000

    Al Wilson, Denver: $5,986,733

    Brian Urlacher, Chicago: $5,800,510

    Rosevelt Colvin, New England: $5,478,000

    Donnie Edwards, San Diego: $5,350,000

    - Franchise: $7,206,000

    - Transition: $6,493,000


    Champ Bailey, Denver: $8,998,100

    Chris McAlister, Baltimore: $8,407,082

    Charles Woodson, Green Bay: $7,250,000

    Nate Clements, Buffalo: $7,226,000

    Quentin Jammer, San Diego: $7,070,834

    Ronde Barber, Tampa Bay: $6,784,000

    Ricky Manning, Chicago: $6,491,765

    Samari Rolle, Baltimore: $5,200,000

    Rashean Mathis, Jacksonville: $5,134,000

    Dre Bly, Detroit: $5,100,000

    - Franchise: $7,790,000

    - Transition: $6,766,000


    Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia: $5,190,475

    Roy Williams, Dallas: $4,623,452

    Marlon McCree, San Diego: $4,585,000

    Sean Taylor, Washington: $4,219,250

    Tony Parrish, Dallas: $3,830,832

    John Lynch, Denver: $3,800,000

    Greg Wesley, Kansas City: $3,666,666

    Deon Grant, Jacksonville: $3,383,334

    Corey Chavous, St. Louis: $3,300,000

    Adrian Wilson, Arizona: $3,239,499

    - Franchise: $4,490,000

    - Transition: $3,984,000


    Olindo Mare, Miami: $2,321,181

    David Akers, Philadelphia: $2,135,000

    Jason Elam, Denver: $2,085,000

    John Hall, Washington: $1,965,000

    Craig Hentrich, Tennessee: $1,883,750

    Shane Lechler, Oakland: $1,882,857

    Neil Rackers, Arizona: $1,800,000

    Jason Hanson, Detroit: $1,780,000

    Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland: $1,702,833

    John Kasay, Carolina: $1,700,000

    - Franchise: $2,078,000

    - Transition: $1,926,000


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    Nice info BB2W. You don't see many Steelers listed there. I bet Troy is when he gets a new

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    Kinda shocking to see that Walter Jones isn't listed in the lineman list.

    Here is something kinda funny re: the Seahawks. We are going to put the franchise tag on our kicker this season. Josh Brown is great and he singlefootedly saved a few games for the Hawks this season. But it does strike me as odd the out "franchise" player is a kicker.

    Re: TE prices, I am really curious to see what Jerramy Stevens fetchs on the free market this offseason.

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    After all that BS that Hines put us through with holding out, you'd think he'd be on that list

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post
    After all that BS that Hines put us through with holding out, you'd think he'd be on that list
    yeah...I was thinking the same thing!

    sig made by K Train....Thank you!

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