Good article. I'm really hoping Duce has a great year for us. He has been hurt a lot with us but I think he is on the right track this season. He should have fresh legs after sitting most of last year too.

Monday, August 21, 2006
By Gerry Dulac, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It is not about the yards for Duce Staley. At least, not now. Those will come in the regular season, when it matters, when he plays behind the first offensive line, when he picks and leans and jump-steps into a hole, displaying an uncanny art for almost never losing yardage.
The preseason is two games old for the Steelers, who are 0-2 after a 17-10 loss Saturday to the Minnesota Vikings at Heinz Field, but, to Staley, the losses must seem like victories.
Not only has Staley, a 10th-year running back, played in each preseason game, something he didn't get to do last year because of a knee injury. But, after two games, he leads the team with 12 carries, which is 12 more than he had in the entire preseason in 2005.
"I think I'm getting there," Staley said. "The more reps you get, your timing is starting to come back and you're starting to get that feel. Things are starting to come back to me and that's what it's about."
The Steelers certainly hope so.