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Top, I think and I base this on what I heard Tomlin say since he was hired is that he wants flexible and intelligent players. So I would think player that can fit both the 3-4 and 4-3 will be looked at. So I really don't think we are in the dark defense wise.

I hope they wouldn't drop any names but I always like the idea of draft best available and with Colbert saying he wouldn't rule out WR in the first round might indicate that the Steelers might take the best available approach or it could be smoke screen.
I'd hope they'd never drop any names either and tip our hat either way as to what players we are targeting; or I'd think they need their head examined

As far as being in the dark, I feel that by telling us he wants to be flexible, let the players dictate the scheme, find guys who can do both situations well, and put players in position to be successful, all that stuff he's been saying since he got here..that narrows it down to pretty much, well, darkness. Basically telling us he's not totally sure yet what defense we will run as a base defense. Either that or he just isn't saying. Do I think we'll run both the 43 and 34 ? yes, Do I think we'll run some type of hybrid scheme at times too ? Yes ..but Im referring to a base defense that we'll run and why he hasn't just come right out and said: We're going to be a 34 team or a 43 team but we're still going to do other schemes and designs to keep the opposing offense guessing. Right now it's a big mystery, compared to previous years, where we were used to knowing what defense we were going to run.