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He would be a rather large OLB don't ya think? He has 16 pounds on Joey Porter and Joey aint a small guy! He would be like another Levon Kirkland!

51 James Farrior LB 6-2 243
50 Larry Foote ILB 6-1 239
53 Clark Haggans OLB 6-4 243
92 James Harrison LB 6-0 242
57 Clint Kriewaldt LB 6-1 248
55 Joey Porter OLB 6-3 250
54 Rian Wallace OLB 6-2 243
49 Anthony Spencer OLB 6-2 266

Bring him on!

Adalius Thomas is listed at 6-2/ 270 and he played OLB for the Ravens. Plus he played other positions as well but mainly OLB. That is who Spencer reminds me of is Adalius Thomas.

I said back in Jan that Spencer is the perfect hybrid type of player for the Steelers to use in a 3-4 or 4-3. So lets keep beating this dead horse I don't care Spencer is my guy.