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Thread: Despite Early Tomlin-like Move, Pederson Recovered to Lead Iggles

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    Despite Early Tomlin-like Move, Pederson Recovered to Lead Iggles

    Like most die-hard Stiller fans, was very happy to see the real Killer Bees: Brady & Belichick, get swatted down in SB52. When Philly HC Pederson decided to go for a 2-pt. conversion in an attempt to chase the point lost by an earlier extra point kick failure, I thought perhaps he was in the same league as the NFL's number one point chaser: Mike Tomlin. Better coaches realize that more often than not this strategy results in losing 2 points instead of the one. It's crying over spilled milk. Other than this blunder, however, Pederson called a masterful game to beat the reigning champs with his back-up QB. That's something few could accomplish.

    On the bright side Brady is now 3-3, Ben 2-1, in Superbowls since 2005 (the first yr. Ben was eligible). Of course, Brady has won a total of 5, though some view 2 of those as being gifts to the Pats by birdbrains (Seadoves & Falcons). Pats really had no business winning either of those games, but they did. Just like they shouldn't have beaten the Steelers in 2017, but they did. Sadly, Ben made pretty much the same mistake vs. the Pats that Russel Wilson did in SB49...and it may have cost the Steelers a trip to SB52.

    Fact is, Pats beat a lot of teams that are more talented, because they are better coached. Will a new Steeler OC make a difference in 2018? Not bloody likely (can anybody really put the blame on Haley?) but, as they say hope springs eternal....
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