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Colon could very well be a beast guard or tackle for us or he could be a major flop. As I mentioned before the dude only started 2 games for us so he has a lot to learn. I want to see Max brought back if at all possible, and as you mentioned if he goes, I would like to see us grab a decent OT in FA just to help out with experience.
Not looking for an argument. Just saying that if they took an O-lineman I wouldn't be upset. I understand why their is an attachment to Starks. He is a 3rd year monster with lots of potential. But he did not play very well last year. Neither did Kendall Simmons! That side of our line was clearly the weaker side! Not sure how many games I would want to watch those 2 guys perform like they did last year without trying another option. Starks could also turn out to be a major flop! Simmons too! No guarantees with either of them! Grubbs could be a nice option to turn too! Willie could turn out to be an All-Pro! Poor performer with experience doesn't trump youthful aggression with potential in my book. Is that a Bill Cowher chapter? We all agree that we should pick-up an O-lineman somewhere in the draft. If those vets cannot outperform the rooks in spring training........they should not start no matter what their experience!