A good win heading into the bye, 6-2, #1 seed in the AFC. Interesting note the last 8 games have 5 at home.

Heroes - The red-zone defense - Detroit had 18 snaps in the red-zone, 0 TDs. Tough, tough goal line stands. Yes, Stafford got his yards but couldn't get the rock in the house. Not many QBs can exploit the cover-2, but Stafford is one of them. Great game defense!

Game balls - Ju-Ju, nice game overall, including the 97-yard gallop. I thought the scouts said you were slow. Solid game, good blocking, 1 drop. Good game by Special Teams, when they aren't being discussed they have had a good game.

Goats - Todd Haley - no game plan, very predictable, pass on 1st down, run on 2nd down, pass on 3rd down, punt of 4th down. O.L.- although no sacks there wasn't much room for Bell to run. I do realize Giilbert was out again, hopefully he returns after the bye week at full strength. The OL needs to get it cranked up for December - January games were the running game will decide success or not. Eli Rogers - You have to make that catch in the NFL, same with Hunter. 2 dropped TDs won't cut it long term. Ben - Something is wrong here, his throwing motion seems off, almost like he is trying to guide the pass and not throw it. Seems timid in the pocket, has all the hits caught up with him? Peyton went down fast, I think we have to go QB in round 1 next draft.