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Thread: Tomlin Clarifies What Happened Pre-Game Last Sunday

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    Tomlin Clarifies What Happened Pre-Game Last Sunday

    This is worth a watch and listen:

    It makes what went down at Soldier Field a lot more palatable.

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    I think after letting the dust settle and hearing a few reports of late (especially from Pouncey) this was a big misunderstanding. I feel the team wanted to be united and probably a few (Bell, Bryant) were going to take a knee. The players got together (mind you this is a young team) and thought staying in the locker-room was better than the team not being united on the sidelines. I can even see to a point were AV (probably emotions kicked in) left the tunnel for the National Anthem). I am a fair person, willing to give them a 2nd chance. But, next Sunday and the remainder of the season the participation has to be 100% standing on the sidelines.

    This really falls on Tomlin & Co, He should have made the expectations know as a Pittsburgh Steeler and not let 20 something vote on the outcome.

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    There were a lot of upsets that weekend because clearly players were not focused around the league.

    A lot of bottom feeders won games they would have normally lost under normal circumstances.
    The Steeler the only way.

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