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Thread: Heroes, game balls, goats.

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    Heroes, game balls, goats.

    Hero - A-B - Only offensive player to show up today. Put the team om his back in the 2nd half and carried them to victory. Honorable mention: Jesse James. He's varsity. T.J. Watt - Superb game by a rookie in his first game (against Joe Thomas, no less). Great bend, unbelievable motor.

    Game balls - Special team play early on - blocked punt by Dirty Red, go hustle by Chickello recovering for the TD. Jesse James has a solid game, 2 TDs., couple of catches to moves the chains. Defensive front 7, good pressure all day, 7 sacks (1 by Haden), pretty held the run game in check. Secondary - improvement overs years gone by. Glad Cockerell is a memory.

    Goats: Primarily Haley. Dude, just go. You have one of the most potent offenses assembled and you put up 14 points? Just go. Second - the referees, just when I say they can't get worse, guess what. These incompetent gaggle of zebras today made there biggest calls based on crowd noise and reaction. Lastly, MarCanibus Bryant, Ju-Ju, Rogers (too a point) - very disappointing start for this vaunted group. Also - Bell - You better step it up or you won't even sniff 12 million again, let alone 17 million. How's that Dairy Queen gig working out?

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    I don't care who you play, you can't have 13 penalties for 144 yards and expect to win many games. It seemed like every series the O started every possession first and 20. I don't know how many times the D stopped the Browns on third down and then a flag came out to extend the series. On the call against William Gay the referees waited until it was shown on replay and when they heard the crowd reaction flags were thrown 25 seconds after the play on the field.

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    Bryant hadn't played a football game in 2 years and it looked like it. Bell hadn't practiced or attended pre-season camp and it looked like it also. I think it will take a couple of weeks for these two to knock the rust off. Juju looked absolutely lost and had two holding penalties that killed two drives.
    On the positive side Brown put up a superhuman effort and TJ Watt had a historic debut.

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