By TFY Draft Preview

Posted Feb 18, 2007

The most important job interview in the lives of 330 NFL prospects begins this Thursday at the RCA Dome. Most of these players have been training for their combine workouts over the past eight weeks. Many are well-prepared while others are struggling. Here's a look at the latest word swirling in scouting circles.

If you were to ask members of the scouting community who the most overrated player in this draft is, many will utter one word; "Michigan".

Scouts feel as a whole just about all of the Wolverines in this year's draft are presently graded to high. The Michigan prospects all have a lot hanging in the balance at the combine and recent word is some of them have not been doing well.

Cornerback Leon Hall was badly exposed in the final two games of his college career when he faced Ted Ginn Jr. and Dwayne Jarrett respectively. Hall is barely holding on to a mid-first round grade and it could get worse.

Sources have told us if Hall does not run under 4.5-seconds at the combine he could slip into the late part of round one, if not out of the initial frame altogether. In recent training Hall has struggled to break the 4.5-second barrier, his best time being a 4.45-seconds on a fast surface.

The story is worse for Lamarr Woodley. The productive college defensive end struggled during his first practice at the Senior Bowl, then pulled out of the event for what he claimed was a hamstring injury. That sent red-flags up amongst scouts who felt Woodley was just plain intimidated by the competition in Mobile.

Now comes word that Woodley's recent workouts have been terrible. So much so the thinking is he will skip the combine altogether and rely solely on his pro-day workout for testing.

Here is some information you probably could have obtained from any Buckeye or Nitany Lion player this year! Michigan players are over-hyped and cannot live up to their expectations!