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Thread: Ike ready to play for Tomlin

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    IMO Ben should never have played till after the bye week, and he shouldn't have played the week after his concussion. Ike should have been benched long before, Coc shouldn't have been back there returning kicks, there's tons of players that weren't up to snuff all year long.

    Ike's confidence was defininately shot and I do think he was made a scapegoat because so many other players just stunk up the joint too. Tomlin will be a new hope for many players, but now it's up to them to take advantage of it.

    That whole last in, first out crap with Ben better stop because this team cant afford for him to have a sub par year again regardless of the reason. If he puts in the work, he can be the best QB in the league, I believe that truely, but it's up to him and this team to go out and show it.

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    I am looking forward to this year, and to taylors developement. this is gonna be a good year for us, and i cant wait to start it
    only 6 months and nine days till september
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