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Thread: Our players benefit more by staying with us

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post
    ...It's not like you're going to go broke if you stay in Pittsburgh, I mean how much money do you really need to live on and provide for your family?...
    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post
    It's something I'll probably never understand. How greedy do you have to be, how much money do you really have to have to live on and survive after your NFL career is done.... yeah you might make a few million less in your career but damn, when you're making double digit 7 figures over your career...
    This is what I've been sayin for a long time now. Personally, it makes me sick when people are just greedy. They all make too much money as it is. There is NObody worth millions each year--I don't care WHO you are, or WHAT you do, so I have no good feelings for anyone who chooses the dollar over everything else.

    Quote Originally Posted by BBG7 View Post
    It's our system that makes these guys what they are. We work the system around them and mold them to fit into our way of playing football. When they leave, they lose that system that backs them all up and they usually don't see the success they as an individual or a team had with the Steelers!
    We can say that about past players and the past system--I'm just hopin that it will still work the same way now

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    It's an interesting to think about, how many players would have a lifelong dream to play professional sports if the paychecks were nothing more than maybe a few hundred thousand a year or so ?

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