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Thread: Steelers NFL 2015 Mock 1.0

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    Steelers NFL 2015 Mock 1.0

    No doubt about it, this year's early rounds should be all about secondary, secondary, secondary. However witht he unknowns such as D-line depth and the LB situation still in flux with china dolls Jones and Shazier, one never knows. I would like to see the first 3 rounds go:

    1.) Traes Waynes, CB, Michigan State - Biggest need, nothing more needs to be said.

    2.) Owamagbe Odigihazuwa, DE/ OLB, UCLA - need the edge rusher. Even the Steelers starting to doubt J. Jones

    3.) Jordan Richards, S, Stanford - Another big time need. troy, Mitchell, W. Allen not getting it done, Sharmarko rotting on the bench.

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    If our first 3 rounds go like that, I would be really happy.

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