I thought this was a terrible mock draft. I mean a CB? We have good corners. In case you missed something, Ike Taylor is still young and STILL shut down Chad Johnson in the final week of the season. That is saying something since Ike struggled but stayed honest (he admitted to having a 'bad game' vs. Denver) and stayed confident. I don't like the Steelers to go DB here. I know the Steelers are ok and maybe draft a nickleback down line in maybe round 4 or round 5. But, in round 1? No I think they draft a RB or a DE here. A tweener like Jarvis Moss would be perfect if the Steelers do plan to mix up the 3-4 and 4-3 schemes (with a 3-4 base). Moss is a good sized (6-6 251!!!!!) DE/OLB type player who could playout like a better version of Mike Vrable. I would also welcome it if the Steelers traded down to select Tony Hunt or stayed at 15 and took Marshawn Lynch. At some point the Steelers need to draft a power running to compliment Willie Parker. This might not happen in Round 1 though, especially with the DE class of this year.