Posting for review (these are the same as they have always been, nothing new):

Here at Steeler Addicts we want every member to be able to be themselves without having a bunch of rules to make you feel smothered. But even with that said we have a few rules we would like you to follow to help keep the site enjoyable for all.

Personal Attacks - These will not be tolerated at all. All members should be able to argue a topic all day long without it becoming personal.

Swearing - Swearing is allowed but only in moderation. You will not get banned if it is only done from time to time. If we feel you are getting out of hand you will be asked nicely to stop. Further steps will be taken if you do not.

Signatures - Sigs are images you can have that show up under your posts. While these are nice to have, some people can take it too far. We ask that members limit their sigs to a maximum of the following:

- 1 - 500x200 max size rectangle style signature
- Max. of 2 100x100 animation images
- 1 scrolling statement. Please ask any staff member and see the Announcements forum for questions on how to use the scrolling image if you like.
-Max. of 4 userbars per signature

-Obviously you don't have to have all this stuff in your signature, and most people do not, this is simply a good guideline to follow to help keep the forums looking great and operating as efficiently as possible.

Porn - This is not allowed here at SA!! Please do not post any. If it is questionable ask a staff member before posting.

Advertising - PM advertising is not allowed. All that does is annoy the members here and clutter up their inbox. We are more than happy to affiliate with other sites. Just PM me and request to be added. You may advertise in your sig but do not make threads and posts just to advertise a site.

Using other sites content: If you reference an article from another site, you must always give that site credit by either a link to them or at the very least mention at the end of your post that you found portions of your information on that site. We do not allow any content from SteelersDepot. If you post anything from that site it will be taken down immediately by a staff member so don't bother. If you want to know the reason you can contact BlitzburghRockCity in a PM.

Spamming: Obviously don't do it, everybody hates it and if you spam the site with pointless posts, porn, or anything else that's just flat out dumb you are subject to banning without notice.

Staff: They always have the final say on any issue that arises. If you have a problem with a staff member you contact them directly first and then if there is no resolution, send a PM to BlitzburghRockCity. Our staff is full of great people who just enjoy talking Steeler football and hanging out with friends, they aren't hard to get along with it.

These are just basic rules that anyone with some common sense can follow to help keep this a great site. If you have any questions on any of these rules please feel free to contact a staff member and we will get back to you as soon as we can.