In the Thursday drill, the tight ends had their way with the linebackers, and that assessment came directly from Tomlin. For example, Heath Miller put Jarvis Jones on the ground three different times in what was a definitive win for the offense. That's from the Steerler's web site. I didn't want to insert the whole article. I've stated before I've got reservations about this new stronger Jarvis Jones. Heath plants him three times. Doesn't just block him, knocks him on the ground. Heath is a fine tight end and one of the best blocking tight ends in the NFL I think but I'm wondering why Jones couldn't, using his speed, athleticism, new found strenght manage a single win against him? Yeah I know it's trianing camp and i've been told over and over to give the kid a chance. 8 starts one sack. We'll see. I hope he plays over the top this year. We need a good pass rush.