Not particularly the people on these forums, but national magazines and so called "experts".

Did people miss what Cam Heyward turned into? Do they still remember the most underrated ILB in the game in Timmons? We still have Troy(although older) and our offense is destined for greatness(I know, a little overboard).

They seem to miss that Bell, even though YPC were down, broke the franchise record at RB for total yards?

Are they forgetting that Blount is a powerhouse runner? Or that we picked up a guy who can run a 4.23?

Did they miss Pouncey coming back and the emergence of DD and Beachum from last season? DD/POUNCEY could possibly be starting next to each other in Hawaii if they stay healthy.

Did they forget how Mike Mitchell can make an impact if he has a front 7 in front of him? Or the depth the Steelers have at the front 7?

They forget that they finished 6-2 down the stretch, until ANDY REID decided to sit his starters when given a chance to knock out their division rivals? They were almost in the playoffs, and on a roll.

Experts always called us old, now that we are young we don't have enough experience. They tend to forget we have guys going into the 2-4 years of their careers, usually when everything starts to click before they hit the veteran status?

I'm just not understanding this. If healthy, I see them going 11-5, this is if the potential comes out of what is expected. But no way in HELL, do I see them having a 7-9 year and 3rd in the division.