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Thread: sorry if this was posted before. Ben griping about first round pick

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    Saying Ben was griping is a bit too strong for his actual comments. He said he was initially upset with the pick, because he listened to the media. That's quite a ways away from griping.

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    Nolrog you could be right but I think that's kind of splitting hairs. If I'm upset and vocalize that then I'm griping no? Ben is part of the team. Why would he be listening to the media, and why would he allow that to upset him? I don't know. I see your point though and you're probably right. I'm just old and crotchety and think he probably should have just shut up and showed some self control is all.

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    What's weird is that I only stuck on one part of the story and that's where they said been was initially upset because they didn't choose a receiver like Benjamin or Cooks. Did Ben say Cooks (not big receiver) or did the author just throw Cooks' name in there?
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    Ben had trouble wityh his deep ball early in his career. It's pretty good right now (WTF?). Just ask Brown and Wallace.

    He doesn't get many chances to throw the deep ball because he's under pressure so early. If there's any cause for the occasional poorly thrown deep ball it's cuz there's guys in his face under 2 seconds every snap.

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