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Thread: 2014 Steeler Roster (Projected)

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    Now that we have 2 preseason games under are belt: let's pick the 53 player roster: (REVISED) new players or comments are in italics.

    QB: (2)
    Ben Roethlisburgher:
    one of the most underrated QB in the league; entering his prime years as a QB. Hope he learned that getting rid of the ball will help him play all 16 games of the season. Should be giving the freedom to run a lot of no-huddle this season, with great results.

    Bruce Gradkoski: a capable backup that I hope I don’t see again this year. Because that means that Ben played all the games again.

    RB: (4)
    LeVeon Bell:
    LeVeon will be the “bell cow” for the Steelers this year and for years to come: Can run with power, can catch the ball and has enough speed to take it the distance.

    LeGarrette Blount: Give the Steelers someone that could Bell a rest, or carrier the load is something happen to Bell. Expect him to get around 10 touches a game, but has not shown that catching the ball is his strength.

    Will Johnson: the only FB on the team, and is a good player. I personnel would like to see him more involved in the offense.

    Dri Archer: On the series that Bell has off, on third down Archer could be on the field: At 4.29 there isn’t a player in the NFL that could cover him in space. Could you imagine Moore and Archer in the slots with Brown and Wheaton on the outside? But his primary role with the Black and Gold will be special teams as a kick/punt returner.

    WR (5)
    Antonio Brown
    : Pro-Bowl, may never be consider one of the best WR in the NFL, but is one of the most productive player in the NFL.

    Markus Wheaton: The fact that the Steelers didn’t address the WR position until the 4th round, shows how much confidence they have in Wheaton. People seams to forget, Wheaton was doing well, last season until he injured the reinjured his hand last year. In fact (JC) only became a factor after Wheaton went down. The Black and Gold are expecting big things from him this season.

    Lance Moore: the perfect move the changes receiver. Will be the 3rd receiver on the field and will play mostly from the slot position.

    Justin Brown: he has disappeared in the pre-season games, but I put the blame on the QB’s more than the receiver.

    Martavis Bryant: Steeler Nation can you please stop whining about a tall receiver. At 6’4” he has jump ball ability. From my understanding he is also a 4.4 guy, and is a “one trick pony” guy. I know he played with Sammy Watkins in college, but see me in two years. For the most part this will be a red-shirt season for MB: he is not a ST player, and my count is the fifth receiver, barring injury, he will be an in-active most games

    TE: (2)
    Heath Miller
    : when healthy the best all-around TE in the game: He is not the dominate blocker he once where; but he is still better than most and in a great pass catcher.

    Matt Spaeth: Showed his valve in the running game once he was healthy again. And at 6’7” and 275 lbs. it’s almost like and an extra OL.

    The 3rd will come down to Michael Palmer and Rob Blanchflower: Either is a great in-line blocker from my understanding. But I have heard some good things about Blanchflower

    The third TE will be Will Johnson: The may place Waters or Blanchflower on the PS: the fact that the LB have flashed hurt the TE room.

    OL: (9)
    Kelvin Beachum
    : are there thing that Beachum need to work on…yes…but as far as I’m concern, he is you starting left tackle. I know he isn’t the “package” but he is good. It would good to see how good he can be, now that he can focus on one position this year. No more jack of all trades, master of none.

    Ramon Foster: Not flashy but very solid. I don’t see pro-bowls in his future, but I also don’t see anyone beating him out of this spot for a few years.

    Maurkice Pouncey: Three times All-Pro: as long as no-one drive into his legs again, I don’t see why he can’t be as good as he has been. I just hope that he is not looking for Mack type money on his new contract. I would hate to see him in another uniform next season.

    David DeCastro: I loved it when the Steelers drafted him, and I love the choice even more now: Depending on the team win-lost record, he will be All-Pro very soon. We all know, winning teams get more status, and with the sack for the Steelers going down, people will start to see how good he is.

    Marcus Gilbert: This is the one position on the line I don’t feel great about. Gilbert has held the position for two years, but I’m underwhelmed. Adams how something here two years ago, But he doesn’t get me excited either. Both need a TE on their side to be productive in pass-pro, and despite their size, either is a dominate run blocker. My hope is that the new OL coach get one/or both them to be more productive. Gilbert has improved this year, if the Steelers can re-sign him to a multi-year deal, I feel we will have our OL in place for a long time. Gilbert re-signning would mean that the battle for starters will be done with.

    Mike Adams: See comments about Gilbert: If either of them approve, OT will be a candidate for a 1st round pick next year. If Gilbert resigns Adam will be allowed to walk next season. The only time I want to see Adams this year, is if either starting tackle goes down. And I would debate is I would rather see Whimper first.

    Cody Wallace: showed his valve last year when the top two centers when down. He a good backup, you know “break glass in case of an emergency” center. I don’t see him as an option as an guard long term, but could play there is needed. I personally see Pouncey moving to guard and Cody playing center, it something happen in a game.

    Guy Whimper: Let me say, I was surprised when he made the team. But he player guard and tackle for the Black and Gold last year and played well. The question for 2014 is can he hold off and Wesley Johnson of someone else for another year. I say yes.

    Wesley Johnson: MM wants 9 OL and Johnson make it because of position-flexibility. I know he struggled this year, but does anyone remember how bad Kelvin Beachum looked his first pre-season. I was SHOCKED he was one of the 53, but he is one of my favor players now.

    DL: (6)
    Cameron Heywood
    : this year he becomes the “Aaron Smith” of the DL: in his fourth year he is the old vet. And their BEST defense lineman, he should NEVER come off the field. The only thing I see stopping him from Pro-bowls is injury.

    Steve McLendon: No…he is not Casy Hampton, but he isn’t bad either. I think he and Haywood will help form the new “Men of Steel”

    Stephen Tuitt: again I loved this pick, but at the same time was sadden, because this pick means the end of “Da Beard” career in the Black and Gold. Unlike most, DE on the Steeler roster, Tuitt played and 3-4 end in college. And according to the DL coach, Truitt already has the attributes that they look for in a DE. In others words, he should not have to break him down and rebuilt him like he had to do with others. I see him as a starter from the opening of the season. Beside he don’t have a long time starter to beat out.

    Cam Thomas: I am surprised what I seen in Thomas: Would I prefer to see Tritt as the starter, YES, but Thomas is doing well.

    Daniel McCullers: I was sure that this year would a red-shirt year for McCullers. But he has beaten out Fangupo as the back-up NT. I’m not sure he will play DE for the Steelers, but that ok too.

    Josh Mauro: Once the season starts, I don’t think we will see him on the active game-day roster, but I don’t want to lose him by trying to place him on the PS.

    DB: (10)
    Ike Taylor
    : I like Ike and I think some of the problems he had last year was because of poor FS play. There were a number of times it appear that Taylor was looking for help over the top and did receive it.
    There is no one on the roster that I see taking his spot.

    Cortez Allen: He needs to stay healthy and get off to s better start to the season. He is good enough to play the slot or the boundary corner. I’m looking for a big season from Allen.

    Troy Polamalu: I for one am glad to see Troy back this year, but it may be his last. He will walk into the HOF five years after he walks always. I’m just glad it will be as a Steeler.

    Mike Mitchell: He as the speed and the ball skills that should help with more turnovers this year.
    William Gay: can the boundary corner but is best suited for the slot. But when a team has big TE/WR in the slot, it may be better for Allen to play the slot with Gay on the outside.

    Shamarko Thomas: He will take over for TP next year, but I see him was the nickel safety. Has the speed and will hit you when he gets there.

    Antwon Blake: a good special teamer, and was one of the reasons that the Steelers passed on Dennard in the draft.

    Brice McCain: up and down career with Houston, but was another reason the Steelers passed on Dennard.

    Robert Golden: a good special teamer and will backup Mitchell/Allen

    Jordan Dangerfield: seems to be a good SS, but can’t play FS. But came play ST

    LB (10)
    Jarvis Jones
    : Showed flashes, but needed to add weight to be able to hold the point of attack. The Steelers will need more than one sack from him to make the season successes.

    Jason Worilds: Hope the Steelers signs him to a long term deal this year, before he “blow-up” for whatever reason he prefers playing on the offense strong side.

    Lawrence Timmons: IMO one of the most underrated LB in the NFL. Has the speed to drop into coverage and the mass to make the ball carrier feel it on running plays. Should have made the Pro-Bowl last year.

    Ryan Shazier: Allow me to say when I first heard the pick I wasn’t a “happy camper” but once I thought about it, and heard that the Steelers play is to play him inside, I began to love the pick. Teaming with Timmons will give the Steelers the fastest ILB on the NFL:

    Arthur Moats: Until the pick of Shazier I would have bet that Moats was going to line up next to Timmons. But now, see him as a special team ace, and the first LB off the bench for OLB position.

    Sean Spence: Spence and Shazier are the same type of player. Speed and quick “see-to-do” reaction; both have played some OLB in college, but both are projection as ILB in the pros.

    Vince Williams: is a two down ILB that has to taken off the field on 3rd down or when a team uses three WR. Has a great camp and there is a roll for a player like Williams. The Steelers could and have done a lot worst.

    Terence Garvin: With Spence and Williams holding down the top back-up ILB Garvin can be a swing player and ST ace.

    VicSo’oto: Has shown more pass-rushing moves that Carter, and is better against the run.

    Howard Jones: is a run/hit LB that the Steelers could use on special teams.

    Special Team
    Luke Ingram: I was sorry to see Warren go down, but if not ready for week one Ingram may supplant him for years to come.

    Shaun Suisham: made all the PAT and missed only FG last year.

    Brad Wing: I’m tried on musical punter every year.

    Practice Squad:
    Nick Williams (DE)
    Either Jones or Keys (QB)
    Either Waters or Blanchflower (TE)
    Jordon Zunwalt (LB)
    Shaquille Richardson (DB)
    Isaiah Green (DB)
    Chris Hubbard (OL)

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