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Thread: 3rd Round Pick - RB Dri Archer

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    3rd Round Pick - RB Dri Archer

    This pick has Haley written all over it. He wants his Dexter Mccluster and were gonna take one of these small speed guys every draft until it works out.

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    I didnt like this pick. Not with the areas of serious need we still have.
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    Wasn't a huge need and could have been addressed in later rounds. I like the fact though we are drafting for speed so I'm okay with it!

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    Um, something wrong with Wheaton? Why another tiny WR? I'm sure Ben is jumping for joy over this. Do we have CB on the rooster I'm not aware of because I thought this was a real need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    I didnt like this pick. Not with the areas of serious need we still have.
    I agree. Two days down, still no WR and no CB. I'm not trilled with this draft at all.

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    Wish we had selected Martavius Bryant.

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    3rd Round Pick - RB Dri Archer

    Quote Originally Posted by ChucktownSteeler View Post
    Wish we had selected Martavius Bryant.
    We may still do!
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    I dont think this has anything to do with Wheaton. Archer can be used in multiple spots on the field. I do not mind this pick at all. This offense needs playmakers, period. Archer can be one of those guys. Would he have been there in the later rounds? Possibly, but you cant bet on that. The Steelers got him. We're not going to be "old and slow" anymore. We never got to see what Rainey could do in our offense. He was an idiot on and off the field. Stephens-Howling got hurt before we could ever see what he could do. As far as corners, there still are corners out there. I like the draft thus far.

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    2 cb's in the 5th

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    Would have been a excellent pick in the 5th round........3rd not so much.......Way too many other needs.....

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