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Thread: Try Number 2...

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    House of Steel
    Alright for the hell of it, I am in, I know I am going to lose, but I can learn.

    What is the requirements and all?

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    ..:: SIXBURGH ::..
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    Well, lets get a roll call.


    I hope for some more.. (ahem.. MIKE, Blitz)..

    I'd say the only requirement would be size.. 1024 x 768. We can set a deadline for a week. And again, its really not 100% about the graphics. It's more comedic then graphic. That was my whole idea behind it.

    You can start it now if you want, but I guess TG can post a sticky or something in the competition thread once the entrants are in. Then have it due one week after that?

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    House of Steel
    suppose to be a comedy based on sports right? Like your example? Oh Lord, this is going to be a toughy.

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    I'll do one sometime this week and submit it to TG.

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    Ok sounds like a plan to me ! Let's give it 1 more day to see if we can get blitz or mike to do it too then I'll put the thread up.

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