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Thread: Steelers Notebook: Hurry-up offense effective with Roethlisberger

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    Quote Originally Posted by PITT23
    Yeah a ton of people kiss Peyton Manning's *** because he "can run the shotgun and hurry up so well" but a guy like Ben might be just as good but has never got to show it. I'd love seeing this more in the regular season because a no huddle drive in the 1st quarter throws teams off.
    Man I live in Indiana and I have to put with the Colts fans and their love for Peyton "Golden Boy" Manning all the time. It sucks. The Colts actually think this guy is Jesus Christ in football cleats.

    With Ben and the WR's we have. We are going to be very dangerous with the no huddle hurry up offense.

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    Seeing Ben running the no huddle offense and not having any troubles shows he is basically walking aorund the playbook in his head... or at least on his arm! The no huddle is a great way to change things up in the game and catch the defense off guard like it did the Vikings. Not that Ben needs to add anything to his arsenal, but the no huddle game is going to be huge for the Steelers this year, especially if the running game is getting stopped and the offense can't get the ball down field.

    The big thing I am impressed with is Ben's number's so far this pre-season, yes its only been 2 games but last year at this time everybody was ready to bench Ben and get Tommy back under center. So far, he has completed six of eight for 59 yards and a touchdown, for a passer rating of 134.9. In last year's first two preseason games his rating was 36.5.

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