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Thread: Cotchery...or not Cotchery....that is the question

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    Cotchery...or not Cotchery....that is the question

    Since the end of the 2013 season: Most of what I have been seeing is that the Steelers need to draft a BIG receiver in round one. The other thing I have been seeing is that the Steelers can't let Cotchery leave in FA: can't have it both ways. If the Steelers plan too draft any WR in the first three rounds, WHY do they need Cotchery?

    Lets assume that Brown and Wheaton are your starters, If that draft an WR #1, that means Cotchery in #4 at best: My thinking is that if you think so highly of a WR to draft him in round or two, your expectations is that he is starter ready. And WHY would we need Cotchery. Our OC doesn't run many 4-5 WR sets. Which means that any money you spent on Cotchery is a waste. And if Cotchery knows this is the plan, WHY wouldn't he sign in NC and get starter playing time and money.

    As attractive as Evans, Lee and other may appear, the Steelers need to address their CB,OLB and DL before worrying about who their third/fourth receivers going to be: I would love to see a WR core consisting of Brown, Wheaten, Cotchery, and WHOEVER else make the team.

    I work sign Cotchery to a three year 6-7 million contract and focus on CB, LB TE and DL in the first three rounds.

    I'm not a scote, but I did stay in a Holiday End Express: If Darquze Dennard or Justin Gilbert are there at #15, I take either no question asked.

    If either are there C.J. Mosley or Eric Ebron: Since you just mad a long term commitment to J.W. and draft J.J last year a starter OLB in not need in rounds one - three. But will need to be address in latter rounds, because Sly/Carter would worry me if they need to start many games. Since Foote is no longer in the mix, Spence is still a question mark, and V. Williams and others are still young, C.J. would make since depending on how the Steelers feel about the other LB.

    Ebron makes since only IF the Steelers feels this is H. Miller last year.

    From my reading there isn't a DE that is worthy of a #1 pick, but with the lost of Ziggy and Woods, unless the Steelers address it in FA, there is a need hear.

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    I like Cotchery, but I think he's only got one or two good years left. I would only sign him if it was cheap.

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    cotchery had a good season but lets not forget miller was out for awhile and sanders couldn't get open. you put a decent number 2 receiver on the field with a healthy miller and I don't think you will se a lot out of cotchery again. If the steelers draft a receiver in the first round especially a big receiver he will be on the outside in sanders spot and wheaton will move into cotchery's spot. I cant see them drafting a big receiver and putting him the slot.

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    Newly drafted WR need some time with the exception of a few.........if we grab a WR in R1 we would be ok with the following. Brown, Cotchery, Wheaton, Moye, Draft Pick.....add a second one late and we are set.

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