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Thread: steelers interviewng chargers NT

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    steelers interviewng chargers NT

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    LAZY. No thanks.

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    Well he signed a 2 year deal, maybe he just didn't like losing, i'm glad we got rid of the dead weight and i look forward to the new blood we have

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    new blood....yeah...but next year we will lose Troy and Ike...I know father time is the undisputed champion, but when they leave, the only member of that dominate 2008-09 deference will be Timmons, and he was a part time player then. (sob....sob....) And the only member on the offense will be Ben and Miller (provided he is back next year)

    The good news is Warren Sapp, will NOT be able to say the Steelers defense is OLD and SLOW any more:

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    Quote Originally Posted by greg1964 View Post
    The good news is Warren Sapp, will NOT be able to say the Steelers defense is OLD and SLOW any more:
    Steelers have been turning the defense over for 3 years now. The older guys have been moving out now for a while; but the problem is that there wasn't quality to replace them (courtesy of the 2008 and 2009 drafts.)

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    Getting rid of Troy and Ike is addition by subtraction. Their ready to go right now in my book.
    The Steeler the only way.

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