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    Quote Originally Posted by Real Deal Steel View Post
    I understand what your saying but I disagree with you. The NFL isn't a factory environment. Don't agree with that. It's a Neanderthal environment of Mano vs. Mano. In reality, if you were really in an NFL lockerroom, there are a number of things that would be consider in everyday life OVER THE LINE! And it's been accepted to be like this for over 70 years now.

    Just because some silver spooned guy can't handle doesn't mean we change the culture and environment because of it. Sometimes, (and I do mean sometimes) you don't have to fix, tweek or change something. The NFL is one such "something" The NFL is an isolated bubble of a culture. So much so, that is why it is a legal Monopoly in this country when monopolies are suppose to be illegal. That's why it has the exemptions that it has.

    I don't compare any other environment to the NFL's because there is none that stack up. It's barbaric in a lot of ways and you can't legislate violence out of a violent game. Or we won't be watching.
    I belong to a union at my work place and it takes harassment of any kind to an extreme, since the NFL has a player union, I believe it is just the same as ours.

    If you don't think a factory environment can't stack up to a bunch of overpaid testosterone driven jocks, then you must not have worked in a factory environment before. It's just not in factories, it's in every workplace who has a lot of people working in it with different mindsets.

    Just because we aren't all 6'5 and build like Arnold, doesn't mean that we cant harass someone just as hard as they do in a "lockeroom".

    The lockeroom failed to see what was going on and stick up for there teammate. Sometimes it's to much and someone needs to step in and tell the other ******* to knock it the **** off, which the dolphins failed to do.

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    The locker room is on Incognito's and Pouncey's side. That tells you exactly what they think of the situation since they were a witness to most of it.
    And all the people who play in the NFL (for the most part) are keeping mum which tells you that what went on isn't uncommon.

    I don't believer there was any real harassment. They were trying to toughen the soft @ss guy up.

    Again, notice the league of players is quiet about this. This is common.
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