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Thread: Missouri DE Michael Sam: "I am an openly, proud gay man"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    Perfectly stated!

    Sam deserves the pariah status he will ultimately get for using his orientation, on the NFL stage, to get him somewhere his NFL talents couldn't.
    So now he's not a worthy NFL player? He hasn't even played a down, but I'm going to gamble and say that the co-SEC defensive player of the year has at least some game, try giving at least the same amount of consideration.

    To say he's most assuredly going to gain from his decision is very short sighted, it's a coin flip, maybe it helps him out, maybe not but damn let's just chill out and see.
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    And I have EVERY Steelers game on tape going back 20 years BEFORE Terry Bradshaw even picked up a football.

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